BrainPop Review Guide and Class Codes


BrainPop Review

The time of year has arrived. Testing will be here before we know it. To better prepare students for the science end of grade test I have prepared a document that you as a parent can use to keep your child accountable as they are reviewing for this test. There are great videos, quizzes, and activities that go along with each unit that I have taught this year. I recommend students begin with material that was covered at the beginning of the year and move forward. I will attach the document but it will also be available to students on my google classroom. Students will need to create an account, if they do not already have one, after entering the class code.

Core1, Track 3: shurbutt13

Core 2, Track 3: shurbutt23

Core 3, Track 3: shurbutt33

Core 4, Track 3: shurbutt43


Core1, Track 2: shurbutt12

Core2, Track2: shurbutt22

Core3, Track2: shurbutt32

Core4, Track2: shurbutt42

Science Supply Request

In science we are working with light and color. I have a lab planned but realize that I am running out of food coloring in the liquid state. There are gel types, but for my lab I need the liquid type. If you have any at the house or think about it at the store any donations of color would be greatly appreciated. Yellow, Blue, and red are the colors needed for this lab.


Thanks in advance

Mr. Shurbutt

Spring Spirit Week!

Don’t forget that this week is Spring Spirit Week!  Be sure to dress up and show your Spartan Pride!

  • Monday: Heros vs. Villains
  • Tuesday: Grandparents Day
  • Wednesday: Twin Day
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday
  • Friday: Salem Spirit Wear!

Science Quiz 5/17/17

There will be a quiz on the Human Eye and the function of each part. We are concerned with how the eye interacts with light so the parts that we will look at have a role in capturing light and forming the images that we see.

The information to help study is available to students on Google Classroom.