Social Studies

Welcome to Social Studies!  We’ll be traveling around the world in 180 days while studying Ancient Civilizations!

Social Studies EOG Review

Here are the answer keys to the EOG practice.  Feel free to use this to study!

Ancient Japan & the Koreas

6/13: Homework: Study for Japan & Korea test: Early Japan and Korea Study GuideKEY

6/12: Homework: Finish Japan & Korea study guide: Early Japan and Korea Study Guide

Korean Folktales: The Sun and Moon

Learning about Ancient Japan Webquest (BYOD).  Use the links below to answer the questions:

Ancient China

5/30: HOMEWORK: Study for tomorrows China unit Test China Study Guide 12-13 KEYNEW

HOMEWORK: Ancient China Study guide China Study Guide 12-13NEW

Forbidden City Video

Taoism Video, Confucius Video

Here is the link for today’s class: Silk Road

  • You will need headphones for today’s class

Here’s an extra copy of today’s classwork in case you have to finish it at home and misplaced it: china_map_activity_china

Attached is the Mapping PowerPoint from today’s class.  These questions WILL be on the China unit test: Mapping China

Ancient South Asia

4/11: Answer Key to the study guide: South Asia Test 12-13_Study Guide_ANSWER KEY

4/10: Study Guide for Wednesday’s test: South Asia Test 12-13_Study Guide

4/5: PowerPoint from today’s class, please use to study or finish notes if you need to

3/30: Use the link SAS Curriculum Pathways for today’s class.

  • username: salemmiddleschool
  • no password
  • Quick Launch #581

If you finish early, learn more about the Indus River Valley Civilizations here: BBC Indus River Valley

Pre-Colonial Africa

3/22: Pre-Colonial Africa Study Guide KEY: Ancient Africa Assessment Study GuideKEY

3/21: HW Pre-Colonial Africa Study Guide: Ancient Africa Assessment Study Guide

3/14: Ibn Batuta HW: africa_ibn_batuta_travels_to_mali-1

3/14: Mapping Pre-Colonial Africa Power Point African_KingdomsMapping

European Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation

3/6: HOMEWORK: Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation

2/7: HOMEWORK: Middle Ages Study Guide middle-ages-test-review-one-page

1/27: Town Hall Meeting Project links for research

1/26: HOMEWORK: Finish Feudalism Poster if not done in class

1/25: HOMEWORK: Medieval Life Cloze medieval_cloze

1/24: HOMEWORK: Introduction to the Middle Ages introduction-to-the-middle-ages

1/24: Middle Ages Mapping links

Islam & Expansion

1/18: HOMEWORK: Study for tomorrow’s test!  Here is a copy of the answer key assessment-review-key

1/17: HOMEWORK: Islamic Empire Study Guide assessment-review

Islamic Contributions Flapbook: how-islamic-inventors-changed-the-world

Intro PowerPoint: rise-of-islam-intro


Vocabulary List to study: social-studies-benchmark

Ancient Eastern Europe

12/19: HOMEWORK: Byzantine Empire study guide byz-unit-test-study-guide

12/20: Byzantine Study guide answer key byz-unit-test-study-guidekey

Gettin’ Byzzy with It Video

12/15: HOMEWORK: byzantine-text-and-questions

Byzantine Empire Vocabulary PowerPoint: byzantine-empire-eastern-europe-vocab

Video Notes Answer Key: the-byzantine-empire-video-notes-answers

Byzantine Empire Ppt (slides 1-16 only): the-byzantine-world-russia

Ancient Rome

12/9: Study for Monday’s Rome test!  Here is the answer key to the study guide test-review_2014key

12/8: HOMEWORK: Rome Study Guide test-review_2014

  • Rome test is on Monday 12/21

Key Rome Vocabulary that will be on the test! rome-vocabulary

Rome Video Notes Answer Key ancient-rome-video-quizkey

Thursday 12/1:  Track 3 please finish ‘A New Power Rises’ (page 3 of this document) if not done in class ancient-rome-unita-new-power

Ancient Greece 4

Friday 11/18: Alexander the Great SAS Class

  • Username: salemmiddleschool
  • no password
    • When you finish email me your quiz results:

Greek City-States: greek-city-states

  • Thursday 11/17: Finish Greek City-States sheet if not completed in class

Greek Gods & Goddesses PowerPoint: greek_gods_and_goddesses

  • Wednesday 11/16: Finish your Greek Gods Trading Cards, Facebook page, or family tree

Fertile Crescent & Ancient Egypt 3

Tuesday 10/18: Mesopotamia & Egypt Unit test tomorrow

Ancient Americas 2

Tuesday 9/27: Ancient Americas Study Guide Answer Key

Monday 9/26: Ancient Americas Study Guide

Friday 9/23: European Conquerors Homework (only pages 5-6) conquest-of-the-aztecs-lesson-plan

Beginning Thursday 9/15: MIA (Maya, Inca, Aztec) Project

Thursday 9/1: Timelines BlendSpace

Journey of Mankind Free Form Map project

Intro to Geography globe-clip-art-8cf5967a89819a2c7d804b4ace44397b-globe-clip-art

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about parts of a map and TALDOGS, continents & oceans, as well as latitude & longitude.

Thursday 7/14: TALDOGS PowerPoint

Friday 7/15: Introduce TALDOGS map project Instructions, TALDOGS Rubric

Thursday 7/21: TALDOGS Study Guide, Rate this Map practice TALDOGSSTUDY

  • Homework: Study for TALDOGS test

Friday 7/22: TALDOGS Unit test today!!

Monday 7/25: Latitude & Longitude homework if not finished in class! What is Latitude & Lognitude Reading

Wednesday 7/27: Latitude/Longitude & Continents/Oceans Study guide Continents and Oceans Practice Page[1]

Monday 8/22: BrainPop on the 5 Themes of Geography

  • Username:wcsalemms
  • Password: brainpop

Tuesday 8/23: 5 Themes PowerPoint 5 Themes of Geography16-17 2

Thursday 8/25: Ecuador, WOW! PDF

5 Themes Song! sadly this is NOT me 😦

Friday 8/26: 5 Themes Study Guide & answer key 5 Themes Study GuideKEY

  • Homework: Study for Monday’s 5 Themes Test

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